HTC Make Still Unimaginably Strange Commercials with Robert Downey Jr.

HTC has created a series of ten small advertisements with Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role, standing almost speechless back.

HTC’s commercials since they hired Robert Downey Jr. has been a bit different, to say the least. It all started with a branding campaign where HTC should beat their name and used the strange phrases as “Hipster Troll Carwash”, “keep This Cat” with further, most recently, they created a strange rap video titled Hold The Crown.

Just when you thought that they had finished making commercials in the completely strange end of the scale, then throws the such as those here on the table.

Men in rabbit costumes, with mermaid costume and a whole heap of strange videos without dialogue. A total of ten films are released which allegedly is affiliated with any colour and a word that should bind it together with HTC M9 which as we know is just about to be launched. You can view all ten movies here-if you have not been completely discouraged by these three examples.


Find Your Phone Using an Android Watch

Android Device Manager is now being ported to all Android Wear devices, so you can find your phone with your watch:

When the phone is slipped down behind the sofa cushions you can quickly get to spend a long time trying to locate it, but you have a Android Smartwatch need the search does not take so long.

Two years after his debut, will be Android Device Manager ported to Android Wear, so if you have the clock at your fingertips, so your phone can quickly be set to ring at full volume and can therefore be located faster.

This feature will be rolled out automatically for all versions of Android Wear. In contrast to the mobile version, there is no map that can show you where the phone is located, so if you are outside the hearing range must you find on alternative methods.

Combined PC and Android Humble Bundle with 7 Games (More on the Way)

The new combined PC and Android Humble Bundle promise games barely 1000 bucks, and you can pay what you want.

The latest Humble Bundle is ready for sale and offers right now in 7 games as you get to both PC and Android. It loves to be added more games next week, but you can easily buy now and get access to the new and previously unknown game. No matter what, this is a pretty nice collection of games already in first place, three of them have not so far been finding on the Android platform.

The package can be purchased in three steps, you can complete what you will pay and receive:
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HTC One M9 Heat Problems Solved

HTC has supposedly resolved heat problems with a new software update, and is now ready for launch.

Earlier this week, it was reported that HTC’s new top model had problems with a hefty heat development. Mind was obviously directed towards Snapdragon 810 processor which has just had trouble keeping a cool head, which allegedly was one of the reasons that Samsung Galaxy S6 not used this processor.

HTC’s Communications Manager, however, was quick to point out that the phone was used in the experiment, not raced with latest software update. Now have a user at XDA with announced that he has received a new update which should contain “thermal improvements and camera improvements.”

A Twitter user reports in addition to HTC’s M9 software is completed and you are now ready to shoot the sale started. It is

It is of course very good news, and evidence simply that it is a good idea to turn off the cold water in the blood until the software is finally finished and phone lands on the market.

Microsoft Converts Android Phone for Windows 10

A trial later this year in China should let Xiaomi Mi4 users replace their Android operating system with Windows 10, on Microsoft’s initiative.

In an attempt to spread the Windows 10 to an even wider audience than the proportion of Windows phones allows, has Microsoft shot once in a quite interesting project making it possible to install Windows 10 on an Android phone.

That is not terribly many specific details, but it is about the Xiaomis flagship Mi4 in China. Windows 10 installation works in the same style as with Cyanogen, it replaces the existing operating system (there is therefore no question of a dual-boot solution) and turn into a functioning Windows 10 unit complete with Microsoft services. Continue reading

Whoops! Lenovo-360 Smartur-Replacement Head Delicious Moto

Lenovo’s Director delicious photos of the new, round Moto-smart-watch by mistake. Or was it on purpose?

Motorola’s Moto 360 became the most sold Android-Wear timepiece in 2014, but with a year old and new, great-looking smart watches on the way, the time is ripe for a replacement.

This is probably already ready for showing off, for Lenovo’s Chief posted a few images on the Chinese social media Weibo, showing the clock in action. It writes our site.

Whether the leaked was intentional reported nothing about. However, the images were rapidly picked off again, but when so revealing, that model will continue to be called Moto 360 and will follow Motorola’s design philosophy with customized look. A small cocktail of sizes, straps and colors and clock faces make the new Moto 360 will be able to be completely your own. Continue reading

Microsoft Points out: Windows 10 Not Free for All

The other day, Microsoft created headlines with his announcement to give the upcoming Windows 10 away. It is a truth with modifications.

When Microsoft announced at a Conference in China to Windows 10 will be free for all, evoked the joy, but it was too good to be true. Something was lost in translation.

At the time it sounded that all Pcs with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 would get a free overhaul, an offer that included the many pirated licenses in China. But that is not the case.

To rescue small businesses collapsed out, points out Microsoft’s Danish Director Anders adelhorst, communication to our site: “the upgrade from Windows 7 and above was well, what most had expected beforehand. I don’t quite know why free upgrade to all-story from China came out as it did. Maybe something was ‘lost in translation’. “

He clarifies that certain Windows versions at the same time cannot avail themselves to Microsoft’s offerings: “Some versions are not covered under the free upgrade to consumers. It applies to Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise and Windows RT/RT 8.1. “

Companies that use Microsoft Enterprise application package must, therefore, to their pockets if they want to upgrade their employees’ Pcs.

Finally, Anders adelhorst points out that pirates and free-riders must to their pockets if they want to get on the right side of the law: “Software Pirates will still, in many cases, have the option of upgrading to Windows 10, but their version will still be considered an illegal version” Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Wall Clock

Sometimes, nothing looks good. You and your spouse have tried for hours but can not simply take one look big wall as it should. You say, “Model homes do it” “Why can not I decorate large spaces.” Really, you can do it with the help of an old friend Today, large clocks reproduction of.. antiques can provide that centerpiece in a white wall sea. the large wall clock has become one of the hottest trends in decorating. Timeworks Incorporated started the latest buzz about antique reproduction clocks as the clock boasted faces recreated from actual antique clocks. from around 1998 Timeworks introduced many large wall clocks ranging from 23 inches to 31 inches in diameter. Followed many other companies and the great Clock phenomenon was born. Today, it is very easy to find a very attractive rather large clock for one to two hundred dollars.

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Fishing with Multiple Lures

Understand reels

When fishing with the Multi Role of fun on the device is usually in the foreground. Thanks to various models while everyone gets their costs.

What is a multi-role? In German-speaking countries the larger, heavier and round models are called so often. The small, which are built for light and medium spin fishing, designate most as Baitcaster.

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