4 Tips to Build an Incredible Showcase for Your Jewelry

You, who opened this article on how to set up a shop window, should know that, at first glance, the jewelry market seems to be lucrative and advantageous for those who wish to undertake it, but only the owners of jewelers and other workers directly involved in this type of Business leaders know the difficulties of devising effective strategies to win customers and make successful sales.

4 Tips to Build an Incredible Showcase for Your Jewelry 3

In this scenario, it is good to bet on visual stimuli to increase the attractiveness of your point of sale.A well-assembled showcase is a great way to highlight your products, value the design of the pieces and showcase the value of your brand.

So this post will teach you how to put together a lovely showcase to attract looks and seduce your customers!Follow:

1. Ensure good lighting

Since jewelry is usually small and delicate pieces, every detail related to visual merchandising is important so that they are well viewed by your audience.This is where the importance of good lighting comes in.

Using LED lamps on the sides of the window can be economical and effective to highlight the brilliance and beauty of jewelry .The white and yellow lights, on the other hand, tend to disguise the contrast and contour of their pieces.

Take good care of the maintenance of your lighting and do not let any of your lamps burn, as they make all the difference in the first impression you make when opening your jewelry.

4 Tips to Build an Incredible Showcase for Your Jewelry 2

2. Bet on Minimalism

Presenting your products for sales does not mean creating a full showcase.After all, the crowded shelves tend to take away the uniqueness of each piece.

So keep in mind that simplicity is also important.Keeping the display of your showcase minimalist yet elegant is a good strategy to get the customer’s attention and help you relate the parts shown to your brand.If he really cares about one item or another, the chances of buying it increase considerably.

3. Harmonize colors

The key word for anyone who needs to learn how to assemble a showcase to perfection is “contrast”.Using red or brown to highlight gold and black to enhance the brilliance of silver is the best way to select the background color or showcase holders.

Enjoy to display complementary items (gold, silver and copper) together, to suggest the use of different styles.

4 Tips to Build an Incredible Showcase for Your Jewelry 1

4. Build a theme or tell a story

If your brand is more daring or you like to think more creatively, try to delight your customers through a playful and authentic showcase.

You can use antique books as decorative items to highlight the charm of more exquisite pieces, create a more rustic theme through handmade media, take the season into account to create an inspiring setting, and everything your imagination dictates.The key is to not be afraid to think of innovative proposals.

Do not forget to leave your product prices visible too. The omission of values ​​violates the Consumer Defense Code and may leave the customer afraid to enter the bracelet store listed on Clothingexpress.

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