Excursions of Indonesia

Sightseeing tour of the city of Denpasar

Duration: 3 hours
During the tour you will visit the museum about. Bali, where a collection of fine arts is presented. Next, go to the PASAR WADUNG market, where you can observe the traditional lifestyle and communication of the local population. Visit the State Gallery with a large outdoor stage and exhibition hall.
Note: When booking a tour in the afternoon, a visit to the Museum of Fr. Bali is impossible.

Monkey Forest & Crocodile
Duration: 6 hours
The tour starts at 9.00. You are going to the village of Sembung, Mengwi. The nursery has collected 300 species of crocodiles from different islands of Indonesia. There is a daily show program. Then you will go to the Monkey Forest. Monkeys are always happy to eat nuts and dried fruits from their hands.

Kecak Fire Dance and Dinner

Duration: 4 hours
You will go to Keciman village to watch Balinese Kecak dance. Next, you will have dinner at a fish restaurant in the Jimbaran area. Departure at 17:30.

Uluwatu Temple and Dinner at Fish Restaurant

Duration: 6 hours
First stop at GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) Cultural Park, which is located in the Bukit Mountains. It offers a beautiful view of the island of Bali from a bird’s eye view. After that, visit the famous temple of Bali – Uluwatu, which is located at the southernmost point of the island at an altitude of 100 m above sea level, on the very edge of an abyss on a ledge protruding into the sea. This Hindu temple is dedicated to the God of the Sea. Monkeys live on the territory of the temple, which are carefully fed by the servants and visitors of the temple. But nevertheless, Uluwatu monkeys behave aggressively, and tourists need to watch their glasses, hats and bags.
After the tour, you will have dinner at the famous oceanfront fish restaurant on the coast of Jimbaran. The freshest king prawns, crabs, lobsters, oysters, squids and fish will be cooked for you on the grill. Drinks for an additional fee. Start at 16.00.

Kintamani and Barong Show

Duration: 8 hours
The most popular tour of Bali, giving an idea of ​​the entire island. It starts with a trip to Batu Bulan Village, where you will stop to watch the Barong and Chris dances: the endless struggle between good and evil is reflected in the dance movements. Next, you will visit the village of Cheluk, where gold and silver craftsmen live, the village of Mas wood carvers and the village of Ubud artists. Next stop at the Temple of the Sacred Spring (Titra Empul) in Tampak Siring village, from where you will be taken to Kintamani, the main point of the tour, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Mount Agung and the magical Lake Batur. Here you will be offered a lunch of national cuisine (buffet, drinks for an additional fee).

Visit to the village of Trunyan

Duration: 8 hours
* not recommended for children
Visit to the ancient village of Trunyan, the abode of the Balinese A ga – indigenous people; the village is located at the foot of the summit of the majestic volcano Batur. The only way to get to the village is by taking a boat across the lake. Living on an island on Lake Batur, people of this nation still preserve their ancient traditions, laying the bodies of the dead on the surface of the earth near the sacred Banyan tree, and not burying them in the ground. But the unpleasant smell from the corpses is surprisingly not felt, as they explain, – thanks to the aroma of banyan trees. The trip is only possible with a guide!
Departure at 8:30


: 4 hours
From your hotel we drive to a cultural park called Treasure Island. Here you can get one of the lessons, for example: learn how to make Batik, draw a picture, prepare a Balinese offering, play Balinese music “GAMELAN”, dance a Balinese dance and cook a Balinese dish.
After such lessons, you go to the village of Kesiman to watch the Balinese dance Kechak. Next, you will have dinner at a fish restaurant in the Jimbaran area. Start at 15:00


Duration: 17.30 – 21.30
You will spend an unforgettable time on board a 3-deck catamaran. Here you can watch the wonderful Balinese sunset and dine in a romantic atmosphere.


: 08 hours
Don’t leave Bali without visiting the Indonesian Elephant Park. The park is located in Antap village in Abiansemal district (1 hour drive from Denpasar city). The Elephant Park invites you to feed the elephants yourself (by hand). You can also ride elephants.
After skiing, an unforgettable experience awaits you: rafting on a mountain river! From the moment you board the boat and set off on your journey, you will be captivated and enchanted by the amazingly beautiful views of the majestic canyon, along the bottom of which the river flows.
You are expected by rapids of II and III categories of complexity, cascades of waterfalls, beautiful views of the valleys and the rain forest. At the end of the trip you will be offered lunch.


Duration: 05 hours
Don’t leave Bali without visiting the Indonesian Elephant Park. The park is located in Antap village in Abiansemal district (1 hour drive from Denpasar city). You will have the opportunity to feed the elephants yourself. You can also ride elephants. Transfers and lunch included.
Departure: 08:00 – 08:30, 10:00 – 10:15, 11:45 – 12:00


Duration: 6 HOURS
From the moment you board the boat and start your journey, you will be captivated and enchanted by the amazingly beautiful views of the majestic canyon, along the bottom of which the river flows.
You are expected by rapids of II and III categories of complexity, cascades of waterfalls, beautiful views of the valleys and the rain forest. At the end of the trip you will be offered lunch.


Duration: 8 HOURS
We bring to your attention a NEW TOUR of the island! We tried to include all the most interesting in the program of this tour. During this trip you will visit the Monkey Forest, Baturiti mountain area, where you will get a real Balinese massage in a spa villa overlooking the rice terraces. And after lunch with the national Indonesian Ristafel menu, you will take a trip on a three-wheeled Nirvana motorcycle or on a VW safari to Lake Bratan to the Ulun Danu Temple and the traditional market. Then you will stop at the Strawberry Station with a tasting of pancakes with strawberries. Next visit the impressive Gitgit Waterfall. Optional shopping stop (pearl, wood, batik). Departure at 9:00

Lembongan Island Reef Cruise
Duration: 8 HOURS
Cruise to Lembongan Island. On a specially equipped pontoon platform near the island, there is everything you need: rental of masks and equipment for deep diving, a restaurant where you will be served lunch (buffet, included in the price); changing rooms and toilets. There is also a boat with a transparent bottom and a boat plying on about. Lembongan, where you can chat with the locals, drink coconut milk and buy original souvenirs.

Ocean Rafting – three islands
Take a chance

and take a high-speed cruise along the coastline of Nusa Dua to Uluwatu to watch the dolphins. Start at 09:30


on a heavenly voyage aboard the Aristocat and enjoy your holiday at our Lembongan Island Club Beach.


Volcano Batur is one of the highest mountains in Bali (except Mount Agung). From here, you can see Mount Rinjani in Lombok and the beautiful sunrise. Early in the morning you will be taken from your hotel by car to the village of Toya Bungkah, the starting point. And now you are on your way – higher and higher and higher. The walk to the highest point will take almost 3 hours. And you will have time to do all this before breakfast, which you will enjoy in the fresh air. Breakfast is cooked on the top of the volcano, where you have a stunning view.
After the walk, you can relax and swim in the hot water pool. Lunch is served at a local restaurant. After rest, return to the hotel.

Jeep Safari
Discover the mysterious soul of this amazing island, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the touristy Bali you’ve already seen. Choose to travel through the narrow village streets, among the rice fields and the virgin jungle to the heart of the island on the legendary comfortable Jeep Land Rover.

* Various PADI courses and dive programs in English, German, Russian, Italian, French and also Japanese.
* The best places near Bali island.
* We have over 20 years of highly experienced multilingual PADI instructors
* We use only the highest quality equipment.
* Free transfers – with our bus and boat with toilet
* We offer a wide range of programs for certified divers
* Diving for everyone: beginners or experienced divers, young or old
* Medical services


Travel to the northeast of the island and 2 dives to “USS LIBERTY”. The ship is only 30 meters from the black beach of Tulamben and offers truly amazing diving.

This small island is located 120 km northwest of Bali and is famous for clear water throughout the year. Nearby is a 40-meter cliff Drop Off.

This area is located in the eastern region of the island. There are sharks here, and Napoleon Wrasse. During August and October, the amazing Mola-Mola (Sun-Fish) is observed here. For experienced divers only.

Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Cheningan are islands 50-60 minutes by boat from Bali, famous for their drift dives. About 20 boat dive sites of varying difficulty, suitable for divers of all categories. A sensational underwater world awaits you – coral gardens, rays, turtles, angel fish, clown fish, eels, moray eels and many other inhabitants of the ocean. It is here that manta rays and the amazing Mola-Mola (Sun-Fish) are observed.

Gili Tepekong (East Coast) is an hour away by car. Diving from a boat, only for experienced divers. Extreme diving among cold strong currents. Known for his “Shark Dive” – ​​where reef sharks congregate.

Diving in Nusa Dua and Sanur is possible at 12-15 meters, and this is enough to observe the life of colorful fish and corals.


Tour code: WWWW 19
Together with an experienced captain, we will help you catch fish such as tuna, Wahoo, Mai-Mai, Mackerel or even marlin. Lunch included.
Departure time from the hotel is 07:00 am. Return at 17:00 pm.


Duration: 6 HOURS Spread
over 2 hectares, the magnificent Bird Park is home to over 250 species of birds. see the pink flamingo, bird of paradise, and feed the pelican.There is a restaurant and gift shop in
the park.Next, you will visit the village of Cheluk, where gold and silver craftsmen live, the village of Mas woodcarvers and the village of Ubud artists.

Tour Code: MBBB 21

Combining between animal and plantation, it’s a very harmonic tour combination. More than hundreds of bird species from around of Indonesian Archipelago and other countries will be seen at Bali Bird Park. After visiting Bali Bird Park, you will be brought to visit Bali Zoo Park which offers the miniature of Zoo Park. There are some variants of wild animal and reptile feature in this park. Lunch will be served at Bali Zoo Park. On the way back to hotel a stop will be made at Bali Orchid Garden.

Duration: 4 HOURS
see many different species of monkeys, deer, kangaroos, tigers, lions, camels and birds.Don’t miss the opportunity to see the real Komodo Dragon!
Next stop is the magnificent Bird Park. The park is located 15 minutes from the zoo. More than 250 species of birds are represented on the territory of 2 hectares. You can take a picture with a cockatoo or macaw sitting on your shoulder, see a pink flamingo, a bird of paradise, and feed a pelican. The park has a restaurant and a gift shop. Lunch included. On the way back visit a very beautiful orchid park with 700 species!!! these beautiful flowers. Departure at 10:00.


Duration: 4 HOURS
You will ride a horse along the beach, through a small village, see the daily Balinese life.

This is a stunning tropical coastline with clear ocean and beautiful panorama.


See Bali from the other side, on the NBO-105 helicopter for 4 passengers!
We are pleased to present you a new service on the island, helicopter rides. You can use the helicopter for transfers or, at your choice, make excursions around the island for 30 minutes or 1 hour.


: 4.5 HOURS
Hydromassage pool, aromatherapy massage, body scrub, seaweed wrap, seaweed face mask, manicure + SPA menu.


Now you have the opportunity to rent the legendary Harley Davidson motorcycle during your holiday in Bali. You can look at. Bali on your own and the way you want. Rentals are available for half or full day. International law is a must.


Duration: 5 HOURS A quad bike ride
. An unforgettable experience! The route runs through the heart of Bali through tropical forests, rice fields and thickets of clove trees. From the hotel you will be taken to the center of the island. At the point of departure, an instructor will show you.How to drive these four-wheeled motorcycles.And now you are on your way, the real Bali will open in front of you with its exotic temples and magnificent nature.After a two-hour drive, lunch will be served at the restaurant.One
day tour of Lombok island

(LOMBOK 1 DAY TRIP (excl. flight/ferry)
Departure from Bali to Lombok island (30 minutes), guide will meet you at the airport. One day tour includes visiting Sukarara village, famous for its woven products with gold and silver thread, Banyumulek village, famous earthenware from local dark clay.During a sightseeing tour of the island you will see the traditional market of Light, the royal garden of Narmada, the unique Hindu-Buddhist-Muslim Lingsar temple, the traditional village of the locals-Sasakov-Karang Bayan and the sea temple of Batu Bolong.Lunch at a local restaurant.In the evening return to Bali.

Yogyakarta – Java (one-day excursion)
(JOGJA 1 DAY TRIP (excl. flight)

Resting in Bali, you can take a one-day excursion to the island of Java and see two world-famous temple complexes: Borobudur, which is called the eighth wonder of the world and Prambanan – the most world’s largest Hindu temple dating back to the 9th century AD You will also visit the Sultan’s Palace and the famous artists’ street Lunch included Departure at 4:15 am


Duration: 5 HOURS
Submarine Odyssey, which is designed with the most modern technology. You have a unique opportunity to become one of its 36 passengers and dive to a depth of 30 meters. For 45 minutes you can observe the life of the inhabitants of the underwater world. After the underwater safari, you will have lunch on the shore.

Excursions of Indonesia