Landmarks of Las Vegas, Nevada

Landmarks of Las Vegas. The most important and interesting sights of Las Vegas – photos and videos, descriptions and reviews, location, sites.

Immersed in the lights of restaurants, shopping centers and casinos, Las Vegas is the second most visited city in the United States. Every year it receives about 50 million tourists. Since its inception, Las Vegas has developed by leaps and bounds and has grown literally before our eyes. Today it is one of the most famous and amazing cities in the world. Las Vegas has the proud status of the main capital of entertainment and bears the infamous title of “The Abode of Sin and Vice”. What is it that attracts tourists to this ambiguous place?

The Strip: 7 kilometers of holiday in its purest form

Of course, first of all, Las Vegas attracts with its unique atmosphere of endless celebration, carelessness and crazy fun. The center of all this bacchanalia is the famous Strip street, where the most luxurious hotels and casinos of the city are concentrated. See acronymmonster for nickname of Nevada.

It all started with the large El Rancho casino that opened here in 1941, which attracted a lot of visitors who had previously played in small gambling houses. After the war, the street began to grow due to the appearance of more and more buildings on it. The result exceeded all expectations: today the length of the Strip is 6.8 km. Almost all the largest hotels in the world (17 out of 20) are located on this street, each of which has its own casino or entertainment center. The most famous of them is the 30-storey Luxor Resort & Casino, stylized as an Egyptian palace. The beam from the top of the pyramid belonging to the hotel is one of the most powerful in the world, it is visible even from space.

On the Strip, you will find a wide variety of stylized and simply cozy restaurants and cafes that serve all popular cuisines.

National parks near Las Vegas, or the best shots from westerns

Local landscapes are breathtaking and amaze the imagination of even the most seasoned tourists. Traveling around the outskirts of Las Vegas is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Famous national parks are located near the main capital of entertainment, the most popular of which, perhaps, is the Grand Canyon Park.

The Grand Canyon is considered one of the deepest on the planet (its depth is more than 1.5 thousand meters). For 10 million years, nature has been working to create numerous gorges of incredible beauty, stunning caves and amazing rocks. The main attraction of the canyon is the famous transparent bridge SkyWalk (Sky Walk), hanging at an altitude of 1200 meters above the ground. In addition, during a tour of the Grand Canyon Park, you will visit a special ranch where you can get acquainted with the Indian way of life. By the way, do not miss the opportunity to feel like a real cowboy of the Wild West: be sure to rent a horse and ride along the canyon.

Also not far from Las Vegas (about 2.5 hours drive) is Death Valley – America’s largest national park. This is a scorched desert, which is famous for its dunes, mountains, the White Pass and two amazing canyons: Gold and Titus.

Another exciting excursion for you will be a visit to the Zion National Park, in which every rock, every trail, every cave has its own name, which emphasizes their uniqueness. It is worth noting that it is here that the highest sandstone walls are located.

Undoubtedly, you will also be attracted by the Valley of Fire National Park, which is the oldest in the United States, and Red Rock Canyon, located on the site of an ocean dried up many millions of years ago.

The Las Vegas Show

The enchanting shows that the sleepless Las Vegas offers are no less loved by tourists than the picturesque gorges. The best Broadway musicals are staged on the stages of the Strip casino: The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera and other world-famous operettas.

Also on the longest street in Las Vegas, you can visit the Singing Fountains show at the Bellagio Hotel, the White Tiger show at The Mirage Hotel and the Pirate themed show near the Treasure Island Hotel. In addition, live concerts by American performers, dance shows and circus performances with the participation of the world’s best magicians deserve your attention.

Las Vegas – the city of alluring lights

There should always be room for little follies in life. Las Vegas is a city of passion. Here and excitement, and madness, and unrestrained fun. All these states should occasionally be experienced by each person, if only in order to feel truly full of life. Don’t be afraid to live, play and have fun during a trip to this unique city. After all, everything that was in Vegas will remain in Vegas.

The Las Vegas Show