Lebanon Travel Warning

According to youremailverifier, travelers to Lebanon are advised to exercise particular caution and increased attention. The media coverage as well as these travel and security information should be followed carefully, the instructions of the security forces in Lebanon must be followed at all times. There is still a risk of terrorist attacks in Lebanon. Attacks directed against foreigners from the West in addition to domestic targets and targets such as international hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. cannot be ruled out.

We strongly warn against traveling – to the districts of Tripoli, Akkar and Minieh-Dinnieh in the north of Lebanon – to the Bekaa plain north of Baalbek. In the vicinity of the Syrian border, currently mainly in the area around Arsal, there is an increased risk of kidnapping for foreigners. – to the Palestinian refugee camps in Nahr al-Bared and Beddawi near Tripoli – to the Palestinian refugee camps in Ain al-Helweh and Mieh Mieh near Sidon.

We strongly advise against traveling – to the rest of the Bekaa plains including the tourist sites of Baalbek; – to the areas south of the Litani (with the exception of the city of Tire) including the border area with Israel; – to the southern suburbs of Beirut (so-called Dahiye) .

The need for increased attention also applies in particular to the refugee camps not already affected by the travel warning. The Lebanese security forces are not present in any of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and cannot guarantee security there.

In the context of political rallies, protests and road blockades can also occur in Beirut and on the country’s important transport links. Travelers are advised to exercise caution, avoid crowds and demonstrations, and pay close attention to local media coverage.

Due to the travel warnings for Syria and the port city of Tripoli, Beirut Airport is currently the only entry and exit option in and out of Lebanon for individual travelers. As a result of political demonstrations, Flughafenstrasse can always be completely closed. Travelers who are not familiar with the area should therefore be picked up at Beirut Airport by an escort who is familiar with the location and the language.

Location on site

The Syrian conflict is having a negative impact on the security situation in Lebanon. Between September 2013 and February 2014, a series of car bomb attacks in Lebanon, mostly targeting specific denominational groups, left over 100 dead. The most recent attack on November 12, 2015 in the Shiite Beirut district of Burj el-Barajneh shows that the Lebanese security forces, who have been able to successfully prevent major attacks since February 2014, cannot guarantee one hundred percent security.

There is a risk of becoming a victim of such acts of violence even if you were not involved. There have also been cases of kidnapping involving foreigners.

Travel in the country

All trips should be prepared carefully, including by obtaining up-to-date information. This also applies to official and business trips as well as family visits that are undertaken in cooperation with partners or relatives in Lebanon. They have many years of experience in dealing with conflicts and ensuring their safety and are usually well informed about current developments. Travel should be carefully prepared with them. Details such as pick-up, transport and accommodation in Lebanon should be agreed in advance by the organizer or the traveler with the host, contact person or travel company there, also taking into account security aspects. If possible, trips should be accompanied by a local Lebanese confidante or

It is also recommended that you keep yourself informed about current developments from the local media and, if necessary, contact the German embassy.

The instructions of the local security forces must be followed in any case. The same applies to workers who may not be in uniform. Controls can take place at any time in all cities and on all country roads. For this reason, travelers should always carry original travel documents with them.

Germans who are in the country are advised to be electronically included in the German list of the German embassy in Beirut so that they can be reached centrally in the event of a deterioration in the security situation, at: External link, opens in a new windowhttp: // elefand.diplo.de. This service can also be used by German citizens who only stay in the country for a short time. Germans living permanently in Lebanon are also recommended to keep themselves informed about current developments and to keep in touch with people they trust.

Lebanon Travel Warning