Les Almadies, Senegal

Les Almadies is a popular resort town on the Senegalese Atlantic coast just ten kilometers north of the center of Dakar. The main tourist contingent here is divers and snorkellers, as well as brave extreme swimmers. The reason for this is the rocky coastline, which scares away adherents of floundering in shallow water. Among other things, Les Almadie is also a prestigious residential area of ​​Dakar, and many private villas here are built right on the ocean shore. See Citypopulationreview for weather in the capital of Senegal.

How to get to Les Almadies

The road to the resort is not tiring: in fact, it is enough to arrive in Dakar – and you are almost there: from the city center to Les Almadie, no more than half an hour’s drive.

You can only arrive at Dakar International Airport from Russia with a transfer. Flight options are Air France via Paris, Lufthansa via Frankfurt, Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, Alitalia via Milan, Iberia via Madrid. You can also use the services of North African carriers: Tunisair via Tunisia, Air Algerie via Algiers and Royal Air Maroc via Casablanca.

Les Almadie can be reached from Dakar by taxi or by the Dakar Dem Dikk municipal bus. In the first case, the trip will cost about 3000 XOF (6 EUR), in the second case – 200 XOF.

Resort transport

Les Almadie is the most convenient (and fastest) way to get around on foot – in fact, there is nothing here but the beach, a few hotels and private villas. If you are strongly opposed to walking, and in case of emergency, you can always take a taxi or wait for the bus mentioned above.

The beaches of Les Almadie

Much of Les Almadie’s coastline is rocky cliffs jutting out into the sea, and swimming here may be more appealing to divers and snorkelers than to a person of average fitness. However, there are several areas that are very acceptable for the broad masses of tourists. First of all, this is the beach of the Club Med hotel (of course, intended for hotel residents, but it is quite easy to get there even if you come from outside).

Les Almadie is one of the closest outer beaches to Dakar, and local fans of the “countryside” holiday overwhelm it on weekends and holidays. If you visit public beaches, it will be better to swim here on weekdays, and dedicate the weekend to excursions and shopping.

On the way to Dakar, there is the so-called Secret Beach with waves ideal for surfers. Virage Beach, located above Les Almadie, hosts international surfing competitions. Another great place to swim is a private section of the beach in Les Almadie itself, owned by the Muslim community. There is beautiful clear water and free admission, but it happens that a lot of Lebanese come for the weekend.

Cape Almadi is the westernmost point of the African continent, do not miss the opportunity to stand on the edge of Africa.

Cuisine and restaurants

Les Almadies is a real paradise for lovers of fish dishes. Along the coastline stretches a series of cozy fish restaurants. Be sure to try the local zest – boiled fish garnished with rice, as well as all kinds of marine reptiles: squid, shrimps, oysters, etc.

Les Almadie Attractions and Attractions

Nothing to see at the resort itself. Off-site excursions are organized to Dakar and to the Pink Lake Retba. There are also longer trips: for example, to the south, to the Bandia reserve and the Siné Saloum delta, or to the north, to the Lang de Barbary national park and the Gumbel reserve.

Les Almadies, Senegal