Lexington, Kentucky – a City Lives On Horseback

Admittedly, there is no official confirmation from Buckingham Palace. But what could seriously contradict the fact that Lexington is the favorite city of the British Queen in the USA?

According to campingship, in the second largest city in Kentucky after Louisville, everything revolves around the Queen’s private passion – horses, even more horses and of course horse racing. Lexington proudly calls itself “Horse Capital of the World”, which roughly translates as “World Horse Capital”. So, horse whisperers discovered Lexington as a dream destination for their next trip to the USA. Those who are less interested in the noble four-legged friends can at least enjoy the international, stimulating and exciting atmosphere around the racetracks in Lexington.

And beyond that, there is a lot to discover in this city, which was founded in 1775. Lexington has now developed into an important science location, where research and teaching is carried out at three universities. But one can also learn religious tolerance here. 38 different religious communities are based in Lexington, spread over around 230 places of worship and, on the whole, get along well with each other.

First was the horse

Lexington could really write its own creation story. It would begin like this: “First there was the horse”. From the beginning, horse breeding was at the center of the city’s history. Today, over 50 horse breeds are bred in and around Lexington, and are popular with buyers from around the world. There are supposed to have been visitors who came to Lexington for that reason alone. So not to see horses, but to see their buyers. Members of royal families from the Emirates, for example, famous athletes, actors and artists. One address for all of them would be the “Kentucky Horse Park” (kyhorsepark.com). In this impressive, huge park, the visitor learns everything about horses, horse breeding and horse care.

Galleries, museums, shops and restaurants make the stay entertaining and really interesting. Of course there are also lots of demonstrations and the opportunity to get into the saddle yourself. If you want to stay a little longer and are traveling with a mobile home or tent, you can set up at the campsite of the facility. 260 spacious places, plus a great infrastructure with sports fields, swimming pool and shops invite you to get to know Lexington and the surrounding “bluegrass” region better. It’s worth it! The “bluegrass” region with its rolling hills is famous for its scenic beauty, its fertility and its many small streams and rivers, which at some point all flow into the great Kentucky River. By the way, if you enjoy horse racing, the Keeneland Race Course (keeneland.com) recommended. The racetrack, which is just outside the city in the immediate vicinity of the airport, is praised by connoisseurs as one of the most beautiful facilities in the world. Important races take place in April and October, but horse auctions are held there throughout the year.

Greetings from ancient times

But back to downtown Lexington. This city has a second nickname, “Athens of the West”. This name pays tribute to both the prosperity it quickly acquired after its founding and the city’s scholarship. As early as 1789, the “Transylvania University” (transy.edu) from nearby Danville moved to Lexington and has stayed there to this day. The historic heart of the university is the “Old Morrison College” (nps.gov), which can still be admired impressively in the park landscape of the campus. But the library, which is the oldest in Kentucky, also testifies to the city’s cultural and cultured history.

In the footsteps of a first lady

Needless to say, the United States of America is a comparatively young political entity. “Old” cities like Lexington are all the more proud of their historic buildings. There are four of them in Lexington, the most famous of which is the Mary Todd Lincoln House. This is certainly due to the fact that it is the birthplace of one of the most controversial first ladies in American history. Mary Todd, future wife of Abraham Lincoln, was born in Lexington in 1818 and lived in the house until she was 22 years old. Later on, the Lincoln couple often visited the house together, where personal memorabilia of both can be seen to this day. The house is also part of the “Lincoln’s Lexington Walking Tour”, which takes participants to buildings in the city center,

Lexington for connoisseurs

It has already been mentioned that the fertile grazing and cultivation lands of the bluegrass region are a major contributor to Kentucky’s prosperity. The prerequisites for a life that is also defined by enjoyment and enjoyment are right here. In addition to wonderful fruit, vegetables and meat, it is above all drinks that have spread Kentucky’s reputation around the world. Lexington is the right place for those who love whiskey and / or wine. Kentucky is home to bourbon and there are five bourbon distilleries in and around Lexington. All of them still produce their fine wines today, which are exported all over the world. On the tours, visitors experience distilleries where real work is done. But there is still time for a tasting. fourrosesbourbon.com) near Lawrenceburg. Guided tours are available from Lexington. But it’s also worth looking out for small, new generation distilleries.

The bourbon is an original American drink; but Kentucky and Lexington also have other good wines ready for their guests. In the bluegrass region, many wineries are waiting for visitors and offer guided tours and wine tastings. Local wine is also sold in a variety of shops in downtown Lexington. “Downtown Lexington” (downtownlex.com) is a must for people who like to shop as well as for everyone who likes to eat out.

Lexington in a nutshell

  • Kentucky Horse Park (4089 Iron Works Pike) – open-air horse paradise with a spacious campsite
  • Keeneland Race Course (4201 Versailles Road)
  • Historic Old Morrison College on the grounds of Transylvania University (301 West Third Street)
  • Mary Todd Lincoln House, birthplace of the famous first lady and wife of Abraham Lincoln (578 West Main St)
  • “Four Roses Distilling Company” near Lawrenceburg. The finest bourbon

Lexington, Kentucky