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Tioman Island is located 56 km off the east coast of the Malaysian state of Pahang and is the largest in a group of 64 islands of volcanic origin. In addition to it, the most famous are also the islands of Seri Buat, Sembilang, Tulai, Chebeh, Labas, Renggis and Jahat. These islands are part of the Tioman Marine Park, established in 1995.

According to legend, the Chinese dragon princess was so captivated by the beauty of these places that she herself decided to turn into Tioman Island, without reaching her lover in Singapore, and promised hospitality and comfort to all wanderers and travelers staying on it.

You should rest on Tioman in the summer. It is from May to November that the climate is most favorable here, and the warm waters of the South China Sea are especially gentle and transparent. The visibility of the water reaches 30 meters, which makes the beaches of the island attractive for diving enthusiasts. Tioman is an island of coral origin, and the underwater world here is somewhat reminiscent of the fauna of the Red Sea. The island has several beaches, some of which are the beaches of Salang (Salang) and Air Batang (Air Batang). These places are ideal for diving and snorkelling. You probably will not see such fish on any beach in the world. Corals and underwater wildlife can be seen even without plunging into the water.

Located on the eastern shore of Tioman, Juara Beach is a secluded place that amazes with its beauty. You can only get there on foot, along a path leading through the jungle. You can also hike through the forest and climb the twin mountain peak Gunung Nenek Semukut in the south of the island. On the way back, you can rest in the coolness of a mountain waterfall near the village of Mukut. Diving enthusiasts can see the wreckage of a Japanese warship from World War II here at depth.

According to Barblejewelry, the nearby islands of Tulay, Renggis, Sepoy, Labas and Chebes will also not leave indifferent explorers of the underwater depths. All these pieces of land are uninhabited and are an hour’s boat ride from Tioman Island.

You can get to Tioman by plane from Kuala Lumpur (daily flights) and Singapore.


located on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, has a reputation as a marine park with one of the most magnificent beaches in Malaysia. North of the island – the calm waters of Teluk Dalam Kecil Bay, a white sand beach and lush rainforests – Berjaya Redang Beach Resort is located in this amazing place. A short flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu, then a ferry to the island and you are at the resort, where you will find first-class comfort and traditional Malay hospitality.

The average air temperature is 33 degrees Celsius, water – 26-30 degrees.

Getting to the island is easy – there is a daily ferry from the state capital Kuala Terengganu, the journey takes 1.5 hours. There is also a ferry from the coastal town of Merang (50 minutes).

What to see on Redang Island

Of the coral formations of the island, the most famous recognized as the largest single coral in the world – Mushroom Coral, which has the shape of a mushroom 20 meters high and 300 meters in diameter.

It is especially interesting to dive on the reefs of the island at night – there is a feeling that all the living creatures of the world’s oceans spend the night here. From August to September, giant shellless tortoises migrate here. The island has a ban on the sale of alcohol.

The waters around the island are home to hawk-billed and green turtles, shellless turtles, barracudas, rays, garupas, whale sharks, tiger sea urchins, lobsters, as well as black, red and white corals, gargonians and sponges.


If you search carefully, you can still find places where our compatriots have not reached. And only because of poor awareness. Recently, luxury resorts have appeared, offering a completely new concept of relaxation. Luxury and the latest achievements of civilization among pristine nature and an almost patriarchal way of life. The east coast of Malaysia, the state of TERENGGANU, is just perfect for the concept of “exotic”: impenetrable and the oldest tropical forests in the world; giant turtles that come here to lay their eggs; the Dungun River with numerous tributaries, where a huge amount of various fish is found in the purest water; a night market offering Malay delicacies and locally produced souvenirs.


You can get around Sipadan on foot in half an hour, but such a lush underwater life boils around the island that even large archipelagos can envy it, and the local population of sea turtles is one of the largest in the world. The most amazing place on the island is Barracuda Point – a body of water where giant flocks of barracudas, gathering in flocks of thousands, twist in spirals, creating fantastic patterns. At the other end of the island, the same flocks of jacks gather. Swimming inside the flock, you can watch this endless bizarre round dance, radiating a silvery glow.

Reef sharks live around the island, which are not afraid of divers and allow themselves to be photographed at close range. Divers are also not afraid of these small sharks – and take pictures with pleasure.

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