PlayStation 4, the New Commitment of the Distributors of Video Games

The largest distributors of video games in the world always opt for the best products on the market, bringing the ultimate in technology, for this reason always have relied on the Japanese giant Sony, which over time has consecrated as the favorite of many dealers and persons, as this brand is synonymous with quality and innovation , and is reflected in the new generation of PS4 or 4 PlayStation video game consoles.

PlayStation 4, the New Commitment of the Distributors of Video Games

The eighth game console generation, is the fourth of the PlayStation models Sony introduces to the market. His official announcement in February 2013 generated great expectations about improvements and that technological advances would possess the same, was until June of that same presented the design and specifications of the same during the main game on the planet, the E3 2013 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013). Subsequently, in November 2013, finally was released to market the PS4 console.

Long lines around the world to achieve the longed console

Following the announcement of the official date of arrival of the video game console by Sony, consumers, main suppliers attended massively since days before perform a kilometre long tail in many stores around the world hoping to acquire the PS4 and the advances made by the Japanese company to enjoy.

PlayStation 4, the New Commitment of the Distributors of Video Games 2

“Next-generation game console”

Due to the incredible progress that brings videogames, Sony, device has been called as a “next-generation games console” and so gave it to understand the invitation that you have made to the press at the Playstation Meeting 2013, exhibition in which the world would know “the future of Playstation”.

Read technical details of a product usually becomes a bit boring, however, observe the wonders it has developed for this gaming console is rather exciting because this new generation not only boasts the best graphics and performance, but joined new advances for hombre-consola interaction and thus not only improve the playability , but make it more pleasant.

How is them managed Sony to win the “best console of the world”?

He started from the bottom by learning from their mistakes in the past, their first steps were, APU Jaguar’s 8-core processor manufactured by AMD and under the codename of “Liverpool”, to which a turbocharger was applied to get the maximum performance from this unit’s video games. Similarly, Sony, joined a graphics chip of 1,84 TFLOPS and the GDDR5 RAM of avant-garde allow developers to get a potential without rival for next-generation games”.

PlayStation 4, the New Commitment of the Distributors of Video Games 3

This new generation of the Sony game console has a wireless controller Dualshock 4, available in three colors, black, red (Magma) and blue (Wave). The main novelties of this control are the incorporation of a new highly sensitive six-axis sensor, as well as a touch pad located at the top of the controller. Likewise, it incorporates a bar LED lights on the top of the remote control. This LED lights system aims to facilitate identification of the player through a simple color code that detects the Eye PS4. The Dualshock 4, also includes a speaker and a port for headset which is compatible with the standard 3, 5 mm to support the use of headphones with microphone included. This control also has a button called “share” designed to facilitate the interaction of the player different social networks.

The PS4 has an early warning system that will alert the user when you start a temperature increase in the console by lack of air circulation, this, will be indicated with a red light in the status bar of the console instead of a blue light, likewise will be shown simultaneously a notice on screen showing the alert on the temperature rise. Thanks to this system will prevent a ‘sudden death’ team by excessive temperature, just as happened the first consoles manufactured in the previous generation.

Players, exploits and social networks of the hand in the PS4

The co-founder of the video platform Ustream Conference stated that”the integration of Ustream in PS4 will put players into a new media”. They have the ability to direct, produce and star in their own video game production, simply by being an incredible player (or not so impressive) “.”


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