Tegefjell, Sweden

One of the best and largest Scandinavian ski resorts is Ore, which is a whole complex of a wide variety of slopes connected by bus service or a lift system. Are includes several villages and towns for every taste and budget. And just 5 km from its center, among the picturesque snow-capped mountains, there is a cozy Tegefjell. Tegefjell is a real expanse for those who cannot imagine themselves without adrenaline. This is an internationally recognized place for snowboarding, because there are all conditions for such a dangerous, but exciting type of skiing as freeride. In addition, there is an excellent fan park with all the necessary facilities in order to hone your skills or surprise others.

To sum up: this part of the Åre resort is good for young people and snowboarders, who expect an excellent fun park, “unbroken” slopes and the best snowboard instructors here.

How to get there

During the New Year and Christmas holidays, a direct charter goes up from Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) to Ostersund. The rest of the time, a regular flight to Stockholm by SAS or Aeroflot flight is possible, then a train journey to Åre (travel time – about 7 hours), or an internal SAS flight to Östersund (flight time – about 1 hour), and then transfer Östersund – Åre (an hour on the road). See BRIDGAT.COM for climate and weather information of Sweden.


The small resort village of Tegefjell is famous primarily for its wonderful slopes. When the slopes, roofs of houses and sidewalks are covered with snow, it seems that the entire population of the town is entirely snowboarders and skiers. In many ways, this is true, because Tegefjell is a very small village, designed just for skiing. In addition, the resort is spread among the most picturesque peaks, overgrown with evergreen coniferous forest. When the branches are decorated with snow, and the mountains with white caps, some fabulous associations pop up by themselves. But, the reality of a fairy tale in this case is in no way inferior, and is a very, very comfortable and modern ski resort. Or rather, even to say, this place is especially loved and popular among snowboarders. After all, all the conditions are created here for them, and even a little more. Firstly.

Secondly, here is one of the best, if not the best, snowboard park in all of Scandinavia. And thirdly, there is a ski school at the service of “doskers”, which employs competent and experienced instructors who speak different languages.

Everything here is arranged in such a way that you can ski right at the doorstep of the cottage and immediately find yourself surrounded by amazing nature. With the neighboring ski area, Duved, Tegefjell is connected by a single system of lifts, and with the village of Duved and the center of Aure Byu – regular bus service.

But, do not think that Tegefjell is a resort exclusively for snowboarders, excellent conditions have been created here for skiers as well. For example, almost all hotels and apartments in the village are located in such a way that you can fasten your skis on the doorstep – the ski lifts are so close.

The trails are quite long, the maximum length of the descent is 2500 m, and the height difference is about 330 m. Most of the trails are marked in blue, they are wide, long and gentle. Lifts: 4 ski lifts. Tracks: 7 “blue”, one “green” and three “red”.

Almost all hotels and apartments in the village are located in such a way that you can fasten your skis on the doorstep – the ski lifts are so close.

Tegefjell Hotels

Living in Tegefjell is best for those who are young at heart and have not forgotten their vacation in their student years. The apartments in this village are usually with bunk beds. The houses are well located on the slope of the mountain in the immediate vicinity of the ski lifts, in the center of the village.

Entertainment and attractions of Tegefjell

The village organizes ski equipment rental, a ski school, a grocery store, a restaurant, a bar, and a Tegeteens nightclub.

Tegefjell, Sweden