The Most Beautiful Lakes in Croatia

Croatia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and attracts numerous tourists every year. This is no wonder, because the country offers many great seaside resorts and is also very cheap. In addition to beautiful beaches and coastal cities, there are also some enchanting lakes in Croatia that are definitely worth a visit. I’ll show you the most beautiful lakes in Croatia and tell you the best way to get there.

Krka National Park

According to diseaseslearning, one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Croatia is located in the Krka National Park . The highlight of the national park is the 12 kilometer long Visovac lake, in the middle of which you will find a small island with an old monastery. The best way to get to the island is by boat, because the lake is thickly overgrown with reeds on its banks. If you are in the Krka National Park, you should definitely pay a visit to the travertine waterfalls. They are among the most beautiful natural wonders of Europe and offer a breathtaking sight. By the way, the national park lies exactly between the coastal cities of Zadar and Split.

Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero

If you want to visit the two saltwater lakes Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero, you have to go to the small island of Mljet in southern Croatia. There you will find the large and small lake, which are connected by a canal. The small island can be explored on foot, some parts are even completely car-free. If you need a little break from the tourist crowds, Mljet is the perfect place to just relax and enjoy nature. The small island is near Dubrovnik and the best way to get there is by ferry.

Crveno Jezero

The Crveno Jezero, which means “red lake”, is probably one of the most spectacular lakes in all of Croatia. Due to its location in a karst funnel, it offers a unique sight and attracts many visitors. The lake owes its name to the surrounding rocks, which are reddish-brown in color. If you want to see this natural phenomenon up close, you have to go to the town of Imotski. The Crveno Jezero is only 1.5 kilometers from Imotski and very easy to reach by car. Here you will also find numerous caves and cliffs that reach far below the water level. You shouldn’t miss this natural spectacle!

Modro Jezero

Just like the red lake, the blue lake is also located in a karst funnel and is located near Imotski. It owes its name to its shimmering blue color, which takes your breath away. The lake has an average depth of 100 meters, but this varies depending on the season. In very hot summer months, it can even dry out completely. Then the residents traditionally play soccer on the field. So you can also use the lake 😉 Above the lake is the Topana Castle, where you have a great view of the surroundings.

Jezero me

One of the most beautiful lakes in the country is located on the island of Dugi Otok . The Jezero Mir is a salt water lake that glows in beautiful shades of blue and is a great sight. The water temperature here is always two to three degrees higher than in the surrounding sea, which is what makes the lake so special. When you are there, you should definitely visit the dream beach Sakarun , which is famous for its white sand. The water here is so clear that you have the feeling of being in the Caribbean. Dugi Otok is in front of the coastal city of Zadar and can be easily reached by ferry.

The Most Beautiful Lakes in Croatia