Travel with children in Asia

For you who are looking forward to a delicious taste experience on your holiday

For you who are looking forward to a delicious taste experience on your holiday

Do you love sushi and heavily seasoned food? Do you want to learn how to cook Asian food yourself or do you prefer to sit at a ready-made table? Asia is an ideal travel destination for anyone who loves food.

Learn to cook Thai food in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, you can spend an entire day serving delicious food and cooking.

Baan Hongnual Cooking School has its roots in the Lanna tradition, and here you can dive deep into the scents and flavors of Thai food culture.

The culinary experience begins at the market, where the necessary fresh ingredients are first obtained. During the market visit, the cooking school teacher talks about Asian vegetables and their use. Of course, some of these exotic ingredients may already be familiar to you.

When you go back to school with your shopping, it’s time for the actual cooking portion. You will be equipped with your own wok pan, apron and chef’s hat, after which you will be able to test your cooking skills and prepare more delicious dishes. Finally, of course, you can enjoy the delicacies you prepare yourself.

This experience not only makes you full but also gives you tools to take home, so when you return from vacation you can impress family and friends with your authentic cooking skills.

Taste the specialties of Japanese cuisine

Travel home to sushi and sample new exotic delicacies. Japanese cuisine is in a class of its own and masterpieces of Japanese food culture are guaranteed water on the tongue.

In Japan, one of the best dining experiences in the world awaits you, whether it’s a Japanese-style casual ramen or okonomiyaki offered in all street kitchens, with a variety of fillings that vary from region to region and city to city.

In Japan, it’s worth eating in both the local street cuisines and the fine restaurants, both of which offer different but in their own way delicious taste experiences.

Eat your way through beautiful Japan, where each region has its own versions of well-known dishes.

Discover Vietnamese cuisine

The sidewalks and street corners are filled with tiny plastic tables and chairs ready for customers sipping pho soup.

Vietnamese cuisine is especially known for its phở soup, which is considered a national dish. Fish sauce, spices and vegetables belong to almost all foods in this Southeast Asian food culture.

The country is large and different areas are characterized by different dishes. In Hanoi, try bun chả, for example, which is a heavenly tasty soup flavored with lemongrass. In the tailor-made quarters of Hoi An, you can enjoy a noodle dish called cao lau when you want a variation on the soups. And in southern Vietnam, in the Mekong estuary, you can taste a fish that takes its name from its elephant-ear-like shape.

Embark on a culinary journey from north to south – your taste buds will thank you!

For you who travel with children

For you who travel with children

Southeast Asia is known for its child-friendly travel destinations, and Asians really love children.

Asian countries also offer countless child-friendly experiences.

Dolphin safari in Bali

Bali is a great option when planning a trip with children. There is something to do and see on the island for all ages, and one good example of the unique experiences Bali has to offer is a dolphin safari.

A fishing boat, calm water, dawn and a flock of dolphins are all you need for a memorable experience for both children and adults.

Morning is the best time of day to see dolphins as they are at their most playful and lively at this time looking for food.

There are three types of dolphins living in Lovina Bay, forming flocks of 10-12 individuals.

What could be nicer than watching playful dolphins and enjoying children’s smiles – an exciting dolphin safari is simply the perfect start to a perfect holiday.

Visit the Doi Suthep Temple in Thailand

When traveling, children get to experience different cultures that are different from their own, which is an awesome experience in itself.

By visiting the Doi Suthep Temple in Thailand, your children can learn about Buddhism. Seeing many orange-clad monks is sure to raise questions and lead to a fruitful discussion about different religions.

The splendor of colorful and gold-decorated pagodas will be remembered for a long time.

Get close to elephants at an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka

At the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, your children can get close to cute elephants, both big and small. The orphanage is home to about 80 Sri Lankan elephants who have either been injured or lost their parents.

You can follow the daily bathing time of the elephants in the river – however, remember to book a dry coat to be brought in, as the cute elephants can splash or spray a lot of water around them when they are in the play wind! With good luck, you will also be able to witness a cute elephant baby swimming trip.

The elephant orphanage is a memorable experience for young and old alike, and during the trip you will learn a lot about elephants at Guaranteed.

For you who love culture

For you who love culture

The myriad different cultures in Asia differ significantly from our own culture.

During our travels you can get to know the secrets of geisha, Hinduism and Buddhism, for example.

Experience Japan’s cultural heritage

On the streets of Kyoto, you can experience an ancient tradition that is still alive.

Geishos and tea ceremonies play an important role in Kyoto culture. The best place to experience an authentic tea ceremony is in an old Japanese thin-walled wooden house.

The tea ceremony is called sadō, and the ritual is performed with great care and precision by a woman dressed in a kimono. You will immediately feel like you are back in time to the early moments of the history of this fascinating ceremony.

On the streets of Kyoto, you can feel a similar unique atmosphere as you rush past the rushing geishas.

Meeting geishos in Kyoto is an unforgettable experience.

Get to know Hinduism

In Bali, also called the island of thousands of temples, religion is present in everything.

As its nickname suggests, the island has more than 1,000 temples and shrines, and Hinduism plays a particularly significant role in the lives of the islanders.

Religion is an important part of everyday life in Bali. Balinese Hinduism on the island is characterized by the worship of ancestors and the influence of spirits and nature on the lives of the islanders.

In Bali, you can visit many fascinating temples such as Pura Tirta Empul, Pura Tanath Lot and Pura Taman Ayun, all of which allow you to experience unique experiences.

Meet the monks walking the streets of Luang Prabang

If you are in the morning, you can get to experience a very special and memorable experience in Luang Prabang in northern Laos.

Early every morning, about 300 monks walk the streets of Luang Prabang, collecting alms from the city’s residents. Residents give the monks food and drink, which the monks share with each other.

Following the monk procession is a fascinating experience and opens up an interesting view of the Buddhist religion.

The atmosphere is solemn and devoted, as the monks are highly respected by the locals.