WiFi Hotspot: Learn What It Is and How to Use

Many times, we are left with difficulties to connect to the internet with our data plans. But there are other options available.

WiFi Hotspot Learn What It Is and How to Use 1

The challenge is to track them. These are places of connection called wi-fi Hotspot — access points to connect to the network.

The Wifi Hotspot is a means of connection very convenient. Usually, we remember him in the times that we need most: when the connection to the data network is lost.

How to use the Wifi Hotspot? Find out how to find their access points!

How to find a Wifi Hotspot

The Wifi hotspot helps in saving of your own plan. Even the operators like it, as these alternative connections mean a relief for the network. There are several ways to find this type of connection.

There are means free of charge without restrictions. But there are also ways restricted are made available to the clients of the carriers, as well as exclusive use, provided by companies in the specific branch of the Wifi Hotspot. Your choice part of your needs and the way the points are found.


Generally, Hotspots are discovered in large cities. But of course, there are points through the interior of the country. Just trace to find them.

WiFi Hotspot Learn What It Is and How to Use 2

Find wi-fi Hotsposts in points free

There are various apps or internet locations that provide the access points. Some of the ways they are sites, such as the Map wi-fi and the website of Anatel.

This last is a government website, therefore, tends to present the search quite broad, with up to 584.042 points. Are 734 points paid public, 3903 free public and 579.405 free/ paid.

There are also mobile applications that identify points of wi-fi Hotspot. For iOS, there is the Mandic magiC and the wi-fi Finder for Android. Both apps are perfect for track networks in the places of interest, and are very practical also. Just perform the installation procedures, which are already ready for use.

Find Wifi Hotspot, by means of the operators

The operators also provide access points for their customers. Check out the cash:

  • In the Course, the service is available to customers of Broadband above 2 GB and the all clients with packets of data above 500 MB;
  • The NET offers the points of their Wifi Hotspot to all customers of Virtua speed above 5 Mb;
  • The HI allows access to multiple clients;
  • The TIM offers the points of their Wifi Hotspot to all customers in line with a pre-paid or post-paid on any voice plan or data;
  • For use by the UOL it is necessary to be client of the plan Wifi of the company;
  • To use the Wifi Hotspot by Live it is necessary to be client of the plan of the mobile internet or the Speedy.

As you can see, there are several ways to connect to the access points. It is an excellent parameter to specify whether the smartphone will be one or two chips.

WiFi Hotspot Learn What It Is and How to Use 3

Wifi Hotspot paid

In addition to the free services and made available to customers by the carriers, there are also plans exclusive paid for this type of service provision:

  • The Boingo has about a million points in the entire world. Your initial plan is$ 9.95 and allows you to connect two smartphones, fee-free roaming and easy access;
  • The Skype is an excellent alternative for users of operating systems that are various. Serves for notebooks, both for Windows and for Mac and Linux (compatible with Ubuntu and other distros based on Debian) and mobile, with Android and iOS;

As you can see, the possibilities with the wi-fi Hotspot are various. Fit calmly in the pocket, since the devices required for their use are exactly the day-to-day. As the own smartphone/ laptop and the chips of the operators.

Will start to use wi-fi Hotspot from today? Take the opportunity to comment on the post!